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Jennifer Bobiwash is an Anishinaabekwe actress and writer from Misswezhaging, who was born and raised on Robinson Huron territory. 


Her work explores the multitude of aspects of Native American culture, and identity while also considering her own family and home.  Much of her work centers on Native families and how they deal with questions of identity and generational trauma.

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Places I've been

A Hole in the Sky
moving arts logo.jpg
Moving Arts - MadLab 2023
Never Say Die, a new play Workshop reading
The Vagrancy - Blossoming 2023
The Hole in the Sky, a new play Workshop reading
the vagrancy.png
Native Voices at the Autry 13th Short Play Festival - 2023
Leave the gun...take the pie - Short Play
nv auntie.jpg
Company One - Boston 
Playlab Circuit - Volt Lab 22
Reading of my play 10 Gallon Hat at Native Voices at the Autry
9-10 gallon hat.jpg
Reading of my play Never Say Die at the American Indian Community House in NYC
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