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what have I been doing?

I try to update the main page monthly, but I need a way to keep track of what i've done (i'm getting forgetful).  These are the brief snippets of times gone by. 

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May 2021

Keeping Busy

April 2021

"There is no "I" in NDN" for presentation on April 17th at Morgan-Wixson Theater.  Directing "Aloha Life" by Jean Koppen for Little Fish Theater and a one-act for the National Playwriting Program. I'm also working as Production Manager at Perseverance Theater in Juneau, AK, getting ready for the Spring 2021 season.  I'm also a playwright in Season 22 PlayLab Circuit Volt Lab at Company One in Boston.  And lastly, I'm on Episode 2 of Rutherford Falls on Peacock Network.

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